Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Farewell Baby Melissa

       If you have been keeping up with my Baby Melissa posts you may realize that there have not been very many. (If not Read: Introducing Baby Melissa, Week One With Baby Melissa) My writing in general has suffered and things have not been all that wonderful for us. Not because of this adorable bundle of joy and light, but because I do not say "No" when I need to, because there is just too much in this life I want to do and want to help with, yet have to sometimes realize that I do not have the time or energy to do it.
      Although I still love Baby Melissa and her parents very much I have decided to no longer care for her. We have known this for a while, but I agreed to watch her until she could be taken in by a daycare. We were lucky Baby Melissa's parents got the daycare that they really wanted and got it a month earlier then expected. It was meant to be. I was proud to have Baby Melissa for two months of her precious life.
          However, as a mother I have to think of myself and my health and my family first and foremost. Unfortunately, the extra strain of the different schedules of our kids and the fact that they are in two very different stages of life and with Nick starting a new job at home and my writing jobs piling in it was getting extremely stressful. Stress is not good for my seizures (Read: I Am A Face of Epilepsy). So something had to give.
          After long duration of thinking and talking I came to the conclusion that watching Baby Melissa was just too much on me at this point in my life. Our schedules are much different and we need time to adjust to the changes (Read: Changes At Home) that have been going on in our life before we add any other lives, even if that life is only for a day.
      Luckily after a long conversation and tears on both sides Baby Melissa's mom and I had a heart to heart explaining everything. We are still close friends/family today. I still see Baby Melissa regularly and so does Xavier.
          Sometimes you will be surprised how easy things can be when you just open up your heart to others by telling them the truth, or what is bothering you or something you need them to hear. What I have learned from this experience only solidifies what I have already known but always appreciate seeing it again and again; and that is to always listen to your instincts and true friends will always be true friends.

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