Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Home Organization Center

  I am new to the crafting world. However, as a stay at home mom you will find that crafting can help you out a lot. Imagine if you had the talent to decorate your home on your own and make it more functional by doing it on a cheap budget and exactly what you are looking for. As I am not always able to get out a lot and visit a ton of different stores nor do I have a ton of funds to buy things. I am getting a little better at crafting a few things here and there.

Before our home organization center make over.

Another before shot of our home organization center makeover.
      Since things in our house are changing and moving quickly I decided we really needed a home organization center. We only had a small yearly calendar I would try to write things on. I decided to make a giant dry erase monthly calendar, keep the yearly calendar and also have a weekly clipboard sheet divided by day and by each person in the house, since we all do different things. I then added a basket to keep supplies such as pens, markers, bills, and receipts in. I also hung a little clothesline up to put up invitations to things and extracurricular calendars for the month on. I thought that was fun to make a clothesline. Here's some pictures and tips. I did not buy anything. I used an old big frame for a picture that we were not using along with some construction paper, scissors, and scotch tape. You can use glue but I get messy with glue and prefer tape. The markers and basket I had in another part of the house and even the clothesline is just yarn and some clothes pins. So you can go as cheap or expensive on you want for this depending on your taste and budget.
    To make the dry erase monthly calendar you just cut out squares the same size in five rows of seven with some room up top to write month, year and days of the week. It helps to arrange them all first so you know what colors you want where.

 I then taped them together being sure to keep them straight by using a ruler along the side.

Finally I taped together some pretty background construction paper to put over the squares and sealed up and it was all done.

Then, you use your dry erase markers to make it how you would like.

     It is important for every family to have a home organization center. You quickly see the older your children get the more schedules and things you have to work around. It's a great idea to get a head start when you can!

Plenty of room for expansion and enough calendars to keep track of everything!

I added the basket and clothesline using Hercules Hooks.

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