Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daddy's Day

    As I sit here in a quiet house I am almost too excited to decide what to do with myself. What do I want to do first?  I get most of my work done on the computer luckily. So a quiet house provides with much more productive work getting done. Although not as gratifying. As much as I love writing and write in many other work platforms then just this blog nothing can compare to being with my little man, Xavier.
    He owns my heart so much that sometimes even a day away from him tears at your heart strings. You wonder if he is alright? If he misses you? Hopefully, not too much, but perhaps just a little. Is he learning something different that I have not seen him do or see yet?
     In as much as I miss him being away for a day, I love the fact that my husband and him are spending the day together. I know how much fun I have spending the day with Xavier whether we are inside or outside. For some reason children really teach us what is important in the world and how to slow down and enjoy life. I love being around him.
     When babies are born sometimes it can be particularly harder on the husband's emotions. The woman who was his world he now has to share and he now has to take care of a baby that he did not get the privilege of sharing a body with for nine months. Husbands need adjustment time. So many times you hear of the dad not helping out, or the dad not spending any time or the dad not knowing anything about the baby. The best way to solve that is to let them have time together. Give them plenty of opportunities to have alone time. He can learn to be a parent in his own way using his own intuition and his own ideas. When you let him do that  you find other great ways to parent and you end up having a great combination.
     No matter how old your child is or what gender your child is, it is important that they spend time alone with their parents and time together as a family. Many times what one parent brings out in a child, another parent can bring out something totally different. You child gets the best of both worlds and happy family time when you are all together.
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