Friday, January 24, 2014

The Soundtrack of Our Day

  I think it is neat how people can now put up soundtracks to their life. You can make a mix of songs that you love and have loved throughout your life at all different times. You can have good, bad, happy, sad, energetic and relaxing memories just by listening to your soundtrack. It a great way to motivate you to go to the gym, work out, clean, relax, drive, etc. This got me thinking of the sound track of my life and well, that is too large. I was a theater, music and creative writing major there is no way I have time to do a sound track to my life. However, I thought maybe for a day. Though I do not know how to upload music on a blog I thought this would make you laugh and hopefully start your weekend off right.

7:30 AM- Wake up to the sound of yesterday's Sesame St. That's right yesterday's Sesame St. it is loved so much in this house we watch it twice once at 7am which is the episode from the day before then later on.
8:00AM- Watch Xavier and Baby Melissa while my wonderful husband makes breakfast.
9:00AM- By now we have finished breakfast, Baby Melissa goes for her morning nap in the swing while Xavier watches more of his shows, which I now hear Umi Zoomi (both episodes), a new Sesame St. at 10:00AM and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
11:30AM- is a big change in music because Xavier goes down for a two to three hour nap and Baby Melissa is awake and wants to play. The best way to combat this issue is with piano music I have found. I play it in the living room surround sound. This way Xavier hears it and it is still soothing to sleep to and if Baby Melissa hears it she is relaxed and happy to keep playing.
2:00PM- Around this time Xavier gets up and has lunch. Since everyone is awake now I play Xavier's Yo Gabba Gabba radio which is a mix of fun upbeat kid songs that he loves to dance to. Baby Melissa is getting into the groove now also.
4:00PM- So I claim this as mommy's hour. Usually Baby Melissa goes home and Xavier is content to quietly play for a little while by himself while I usually watch Ellen or get some work done.
5:00PM- If we are near a television at this hour it must be on Nick Jr. Xavier has to watch Peppa Pig! He loves it and it is the only thing he sits for. He will sit for a whole half hour to watch it sometimes more. It is usually the soundtrack to me cooking dinner.
6:00PM- I turn off the music and television for dinner. I try to keep the conversation going even if it is just babble between a toddler and myself.
7:00PM- This varies on mood it is a mixture of Dora the Explorer, Modern Family or Yo Gabba Gabba radio
8:00PM- the sound of waves washing up against the shore (no we do not live in a beach house yet) it is Xavier's Cloud B Sleep Sheep. He has slept with that since he was four days old and we have never had a problem with him falling asleep since he has been using it. It is never leaving. Sometimes when I go to bed I sneak in his room to turn on the waves so I can hear them over the monitor and fall asleep to them as well!

I hope this made you laugh and that you all have a fun and safe weekend!

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