Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Day Fun

  Once every three years or so coastal North Carolina gets snow. This year we got a ton of ice, covered in snow and covered in ice again. We have had three days of it and are now starting day four. Though a lot more businesses are open today schools have missed all four days this week.

    I am from up North, way up north. The snow does not bother me, though I prefer it stays up north. However, having a toddler did make it more fun to show him the snow and play it in.

     However, I was disappointed that it was ice snow. Too hard to make snowballs and snow men, but great for sledding. We sled a little in the yard on a garbage can lid. (need to invest in boogie board good for beach and snow that's what us southerners use instead). Xavier did enjoy the experience, but not as much as I was hoping. Perhaps in another three years we will get soft, fluffy snow to build with. I hope you all enjoy the photos, stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!

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