Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: V Tech Little Apps Tablet

  After our very quick, crazy and long trip to Connecticut I had to thank one individual for giving Xavier a certain Christmas present, because it made our car trip so much easier!
        My wonderful sister-in-law, Marianne gave Xavier a V Tech Little Apps Tablet for Christmas. Xavier played with it on and off. Honestly, I did not mess with it much nor did Nick. We kind of assumed it may be a little advanced for him. However, when I was packing some toys for the car ride and trip to Connecticut ( Read posts: Funerals and Celebrations and Catch Up) I saw it and figured it would fit well in the toy bag and he may like it like he enjoys his magna doodle (Read Road Trip With A Toddler).

      It was amazing the second I gave it to Xavier while he was in his car seat his face lit up and he played and played with it for hours and hours without complaint. In fact when we got out for stops as soon as you put him back in his car seat you had to hand him his V Tech Little Apps Tablet. I sat next to him the whole ten hours or so down and back up and watched him laugh, giggle, and learn just by playing with it and I know it made him feel so much better for having to be stuck in the car.

    If you have not heard or seen the V Tech Little Apps Tablet it is a small play tablet for kids ages 2-5. It has an A-Z keyboard with large buttons, a fun Bear character mode slider, piano keyboard, large arrow buttons for easy controls and it comes in black or pink. It teaches your child letters, letter order, numbers, counting, puzzles, words and more and it also features four special interactive activities with the Bear, including music play, a calendar activity, a pretend camera game and a fun question and answer chat feature. There are sound effects, but there is a volume control and automatic shut off. I do not find the sounds annoying they are faint in my opinion compared to most toddler toys.

    Since we have been home from our trip Xavier still has his tablet. He does not play with it for very long but it is always something he manages to play with for a little while everyday. That means it's a favorite in my opinion. Plus, you cannot beat the quality and price of this item compared to most children's play tablets.

You can purchase the V Tech Little Apps Tablet for $14.97 through Amazon.

   No products,compensation or services were given to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

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