Monday, January 6, 2014

Packing Up Christmas


  No one likes taking down Christmas decorations, but it has to get done sooner or later. Luckily Nick and I have a great system where I put stuff on the table and he packs it all so it gets done quickly. As I had mentioned early in December (Read the post: The Christmas Hat) this time of year is hard for me due to a lot of deaths in our family and friends and it is usually at the slower end of Nick's business so we are always shorter on money in the winter.
         The past few years I never had much of a Christmas spirit, but I was able to find mine this year. Xavier definitely helped me. In teaching him about Christmas and Yule and what everything is and all the fun stuff we do and decorate. He enjoyed all the family, friends, festivities and food. He loved opening and even watching people open presents. Nick and I decided that we had the best Christmas and New Years in a long time and I am so grateful for it. We followed some old family traditions and we even made some of our own family traditions. The Christmas of 2013 is definitely a Christmas worth remembering.
     As we packed up our Christmas decorations it occurred to me that as opposed to the sorrow and dread I usually have of the long, cold and miserable month to come that this time I am not that upset about January. In fact I am a little excited about January. Nick's job is going well, and my writing is going good.
      We have been working redecorating our house and moving things around and we stopped doing that because Christmas took up so much room and we were so busy. It is nice to get back to normal. For once the house does not seem empty without all the Christmas decorations everywhere instead it still feels cozy and I still feel love in our home and that is the most important part.
     I was finally able to get what the Christmas season is all about. You light up each others lives by helping them through the darkest part of winter with lights, food, friends and family so that you have the stamina to make it through the tough months. For the first time I feel I have the stamina to get through them. I had so much fun and love when I needed it most it is propelling me into the next months and next year of our lives and I am excited to experience what is to come.

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