Monday, January 27, 2014


  Oh the joys of living with a twenty two month old! Xavier has now figured out he has options and that we have to take his opinion into account. For example, he can tell us when he is hungry and we naturally get started on lunch or a snack. That has it's advantages. However, since he figured out he can ask for things and to do things. He has also figured out the opposite of yes which is NO. Only he does not say the word, he will simply shake his head, making a "mmm, mmmm" sound and if you keep trying to push him he falls to the ground kicking and screaming. (I try not to get to that point).
    The problem is always that he says NO just because he wants to not because he does not like something. He will say NO to eating even if it is his favorite food, just because he can. Then, once he finally tastes it and eats, he then will never want to get down. Same with baths, never wants to get in and then once he is in he never wants to get out.
    We are not sure what to do about this. As every parent we are not experts. However, I have found that ignoring it as best you can works the best. I still drag him kicking and screaming to the table for meals. He does not have to eat but he has to sit there. What is funny is especially if Nick is there we go about having a nice dinner and conversation and he eventually just eats and talks as well.
     Day by day, slowly, with baby steps as with everything else communication is getting through. Everyday we are able to communicate a little better then before. I try to remember patience and to treat him as an equal member of our family. Just a member that we cannot communicate as well with yet. I am pretty sure as soon as he starts talking he is going to have a lot to say!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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