Monday, January 6, 2014

Hat Man


In his New Year's Hat
     So ever since The Christmas Hat Xavier has now decided that he is a Hat Man because he loves hats! Not only did he always wear The Christmas Hat he also wore a pair of reindeer antlers several times, a Happy New Year's Hat not only on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day but until we finally cleaned up the Christmas decorations and now he has found a baseball hat that he likes. Only it does not quite fit him.

Sporting his Christmas hat

     A good friend of ours gave him a Mr. Potato Head for Christmas and he always makes sure that he puts the hat and glasses on (it does not bother him that we put a tongue in the ear spot). Today we had to search the house for Mr. Potato Head's hat (which was under the ottoman). Apparently since he has the shirt and pants and socks and shoes down correctly he feels the need to accessorize. Today I even caught him eyeing my glasses! Oh well, I guess I have to go find a fedora hat for him! I hope these Hat Man pics brighten your Tuesday.

Loving wearing the reindeer antlers
Wearing his Happy New Year Hat, (one of my personal favorites)
In a baseball propeller hat that he found
Then he figured out that it fit him better sideways

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