Monday, January 13, 2014

Funerals and Celebrations

Xavier meeting his great grandma with Nick and I

     We got some upsetting news that my grandfather passed away the other day. We decided to pack up and take a road trip up to Connecticut to visit with my family (most of them live there) and to see my grandmother.
      Although we are all very sad that my grandfather, affectionately known to us grandchildren as Pop Pop, it is wonderful to see all our family and for Xavier to meet his cousins and experience new things.
       I do think that if you have to go to a funeral I am glad to go to my grandfather's. He passed in his nineties, married to the love of his life for many, many years. He had a beautiful family, job and home. He had four children, eight grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. I hope that someday I am lucky enough to pass away with so much love in my life.
     Through grief for loved ones who pass we have to remember to celebrate the life they had. So many times we get stuck on the "how they died, or how they were sick" instead we should celebrate how spectacularly wonderful a person's lifetime was, not just the last half which is usually the shortest.
     I know I will always remember my Pop pop as an amazing man and grandpa. I loved his enthusiasm for music, dance, and chocolate. I hope I can live up to his legacy as well as he did.

Rest In Peace Pop pop we love you and thanks for being the best grandpa a girl could ask for.

Due to our trip and spending time with family I will not be posting as much this week. I hope you all have a great week!

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