Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fun At The Children's Museum

Xavier and Grayson in the artroom

    This year since Xavier is almost two (on March 25th) we have taken him back to the Children's museum a few times and he loves it! So when a good friend told me about a half off coupon on Groupon.com for a year's membership we jumped at getting it for Xavier.

Xavier loves the bike and books in the toddler tree room
        The Children's museum is a wonderful place to take young children they have so many things to do. Xavier's favorite area is the art area, plus I must admit I love it as well. You can do all the art you want and they have it already set up and you barely have to clean up. (I do to be polite though I'm not sure you even have to).

Xavier, Logan and Grayson playing outside at the Children's Museum

     This past weekend, Xavier had a play date with his two pals Grayson and Logan and the three of them had a blast at the museum. Although us mommies were tired of chasing toddlers around the museum you can clearly see how much fun they had.

Xavier and Grayson having fun on the chalkboard in the artroom

Special thanks to the pictures from Diana (Grayson's mom).

Grayson, with Logan and Xavier in the reading train upstairs

If you are interested in visiting the Children's Museum of Wilmington I highly recommend it, especially if your child is over the age of one!

Children's Museum of Wilmington
website: www.playwilmington.org

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