Thursday, January 2, 2014

For New Parents in 2014

 When the new year comes you prepare for what kind of year you are expecting. If you are in fact expecting a child or just had a baby, here is a list of the most visited posts I have had about babies that I have written when Xavier was a baby. I hope you find them helpful. You can always find inspirational and helpful information in the Mom Area. Feel free to check it out. If you do not have children remember to check out my Recipe and Review page. They may have some fun recipes and things to do for you too!

The Teachings of Children

Parental Power

Mom Wars


The Conversation of Music

Everything You Need and Need To Know About Breastfeeding

Childproofing 101

Culprits of Diaper Rash

Debunking Old Wives Tales

Sleep Routines

10 Tips To Help Your Child Become A Reader

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