Monday, January 20, 2014

Catch Up

Xavier and his Papa (my father)

 Even us stay at home mom's have to play catch up on everything. I apologize for not writing much last week, but we had a crazy, quick and wonderful visit to Connecticut.  Despite the circumstances (read: Funerals and Celebrations) we had a wonderful time.  We ended up driving up with my sister in her car since ours is too tiny for long trips. It ended up being about a twelve hour trip. Faster when we did not get lost like we did on the way up. Plus, it was much easier driving back since we got expert route advice from my Aunt Debbie.
     We left Saturday night from our house and drove the hour to my sister's house, packed up her car and left very early at six in the morning Sunday. We made it to Connecticut around five just in time for dinner. It was wonderful to be greeted by such love.  When you are driving such long hours to go to a funeral you never know what you are going to walk in to when you get there.
         Although my grandfather's death was sad, I do not think anyone would think it was tragic. As he passed away a wonderful man in his nineties full of love for him and around him. So I guess I should not have been surprised that we were greeted by loving arms of my Aunt and cousins whom I had not seen in about five to ten years (depending on the relative).
        It was weird for me to go back to Connecticut. Unlike my sister who is a little older then I am I do not remember much of it. I only lived there until I was eight years old. I do not remember much about the town or city itself or the houses. I was surprised at the very different standards of living from the North and the South. My father lives in the north but he lives in a small country town (Read; The Coolest Small Town). It was very different to see a city up north compared to the cities down south.  The houses were much older but had some beautiful rich details. I loved the beautiful crown molding, the heavy archways and dark real wood floors. The pretty twisted staircase leading up to the claw foot tub and pedestal sink.

Xavier in his great grandfather's highchair

        Most of those details I am describing I saw in my cousin, Jennifer's house. We felt nothing but love and good times there while I enjoyed the up north architecture.This was the first time I had ever visited Jennifer in her house. She had bought it about five years ago,  a few months after my mom had passed away. We were all sitting around talking and it was said that my mom lived somewhere on the street that Jennifer's house is on. No one knew which house it was but everyone thought it was neat that she lived where my mom once did. Then, when my dad and his brother came to visit Jennifer's house (also both seeing it for the first time) they realized it was the exact house that my mom lived in with her parents for only a couple years, but they were an important few years.
            It turns out my mom lived in Jennifer's house when she first met my dad. He dropped her off there when they first met, he picked her up for their first date in that house and he proposed to her when she lived in that house. Once we all found that out it was amazing how much love ended up being poured out for the rest of the weekend. We all learned a lot about each other and what has been going on in our lives and we laughed a lot about the past and the fun times we had.

Xavier playing with his cousins in the pantry of the house my mom once lived in.

      At one point towards the end of our visit I was making a plate and I said to my Aunt "This feels just like old times except I am an adult and I have a little one now" and she just laughed and smiled as I know she felt the same. What is amazing to me is that we are already starting the tradition of visiting each other and making sure that our children have fun playing together.
       Even though our trip was very quick and I am now exhausted from it. I had so much fun and it felt great to be with my family and give them laughter and love at a time when they needed it the most. Xavier did fantastic this trip. He seems to be getting better and better in the car. I hope this means he lets us take some more trips just next time for fun purposes only!

Xavier sitting in his great grandfather's rocking chair

I hope you all have a great week!

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