Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Toys For Tots


 I shared with you last week how it made our hectic Christmas shopping so much better by picking out an angel from The Angel Tree and buying gifts for that child as well. It was a wonderful way to feel like you are not getting sucked into the commercialism of Christmas.
    If you are unable to find an Angel Tree in your area ( though you can usually find one in a mall or near the Salvation Army) you can also donate a new and unwrapped toy of your choice to the Toys for Tots in your area. Toys for Tots collects toys, clothing and food to give to needy families in your local area so they have something for Christmas. It is a wonderful organization that we always buy at least one toy for every year.
      You can go to the Toys For Tots website and put in your state and county and they will give you some drop off locations. Unfortunately, there were not many around us but what I love is that every nationwide Toys R Us or Babies R Us accepts Toys for Tots during the holidays. You can go to their store buy a toy and put it in the box on your way out. It is that easy!
    So remember while you are shopping, decorating, wrapping, and cooking to always keep in mind what this season is about. It is the season for giving and helping your fellow man through a tough time (which usually is in the cold winter thus why we help each other out during the cold dark months).  If you need help getting into the spirit try checking out what helped me by reading, The Christmas Hat. 

Remember you can make a difference in the smallest of ways everyday!

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