Friday, December 13, 2013

The Ups And Downs

  So we all survived our second week with Baby Melissa (See, Introducing Baby Melissa). It was a rough one as Baby Melissa is still going through growing pains and Xavier is still a little jealous over the whole situation but we are getting better.
   The odd thing is that I rarely have them both together. Xavier is up in the morning and Baby Melissa goes to sleep right after she comes over. Then Xavier takes his nap and Baby Melissa gets up and I feed and play with her for a while. She then starts to doze off around the time that Xavier wakes up and has to eat lunch. Then, in the afternoon I have them together for an hour or two depending on our day.
    I have definitely now survived staying up for long periods of time without a nap at all. I am up at 7am and go to bed around 11pm. Remember not allowed caffeine or large amounts of sugar. (See, I Am A Face Of Epilepsy). My days are much longer with less sleep. Thank goodness Xavier sleeps through the night for the most part. I give huge props to the moms out there that are up all night with little ones and then tend to more then one during the day. It has definitely made me very glad that we have waited to have another child.
      I want to be able to have better communication with Xavier as well. There are so many times I just want to say "If you let me change Baby Melissa's diaper we can go play trains", but he does not understand that and it ends up with tears. It has put their cries into more perspective for me though which is nice. I know if I just fed and changed Baby Melissa and put her down in her crib and then go to Xavier to change his diaper and dress him; I can safely say I let her cry for a little bit. I know she is safe and is just fussing because I cannot be with her.
    It is cute because this week Xavier always checked on her. He always runs to her when she is crying and when I pick her up he likes to hold my hand. He knows I cannot pick them both up but he still likes to stay close. Also, Xavier rocks Baby Melissa in her swing now. (I have to tell him not to or it messes up the rhythm) but I think it's adorable that he is starting to care about her and show concern for her. I think having Baby Melissa around has made a huge difference for Xavier. It really has taught him that he cannot be the center of attention all the time and that he has to share much more then just toys. I am happy that we are able to have this experience. It is like having another child but not having to lose sleep with a newborn.


     However, there was one really downer this week. It was only a downer for me. I was changing a particularly poopie diaper of Baby Melissa's and Xavier came into the room; which is our guest room and is only half baby proofed. He started getting into something in the area that is not baby proofed and as I was saying no to him, I put my hand down without looking and was trying to pull the diaper up on Baby Melissa and the tabs kept sticking to the diaper and I did not know what was wrong until I looked down and realized that I had stuck my hand in the old poopie diaper. I had thought it was a clean diaper, but I was wrong. Apparently I had forgotten to throw out the poopie diaper and put the clean diaper underneath her.  Pretty much had to boil my hand to sterilize it after that.  I guess that is one of the funny stories to remember. Memories are what we always have to carry with us, I'm glad I have so many good ones.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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