Monday, December 30, 2013

The Holidays

  Well, we are just about done with  our holidays with exception to
 New Year's. I have to say that this year has definitely been one of my favorite holiday season's. We had a great family Yule. Followed by a great Christmas Eve and morning with Nick's family and finally an after Christmas Christmas with my family. We certainly enjoyed ourselves and considered ourselves very blessed to be able to have family during Christmas. It is nice to have friends and family to lean on in times during this time of year.

     Xavier really brings out the magic of Christmas time. He just loves everything about it and getting to see the holidays through a child's eyes is very precious. You can tell it is why we get so many family and friends wanting to visit us for the holidays. They want to see the magic again. They want the wonderment and excitement. Xavier insists on having the Christmas tree and village lit up all day long. He randomly will wear his hat whenever he wants to. Then, once we opened presents he wanted everyone to open all the presents. We had to hide a few that we were saving for other family another day. He did not mind if the present was not for him, but he did mind if it got opened. He wanted to know what was underneath the wrapping paper. He even got so excited at everything he unwrapped. He would get so excited with everything you unwrapped it was very funny. He thoroughly enjoyed all the big dinners and time with family. He made sure he played with his cousins and read stories with grandma. I think that having a toddler for Christmas really brings back the child in everyone and that makes Christmas magic again.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Enjoy some of our photos!

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