Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Christmas Hat

  I try to keep the majority of my posts humorous. I strongly believe if you are a new parent or even a veteran parent of many children, the best way to get through things are through humor. You have to keep a sense a humor about things. However, every once in a while things strike me and thoughts or things Xavier does or things I realize I am doing and I find them so inspirational that I then post them here in hopes they may help one of you even if just a little bit. (For a list of past inspirational posts check out The Mom Area tab).
      Unlike most people Christmas is my least favorite holiday. First of all, we are a pagan family so even though we celebrate the pagan holiday Yule on the 21st we also usually celebrate Christmas eve or Christmas Day with our families as they are not all pagan. Both holidays are similar in that they are celebrating bringing light back to our world. For pagans it is the sunlight getting longer for Christians it's the birth of their lord Jesus Christ, (For other religions I am not purposely leaving you out but this post only really refers to me moving between both religions). It is a time to give because you are showing your fellow man that you can lean on each other in times of darkness and through the darkness and hard times there is always a light that shines.
    I grew up loving Christmas. When I was little we were Catholic. We always had the seafood dinner on Christmas Eve and a roast on Christmas day. It was filled with lots of family and friends. Almost five years ago I stopped liking Christmas as much. When my mom passed away Christmas was not as much fun anymore. She loved Christmas, the food, the decorations, the gifts, the friends and family. My mom and dad would always travel all the way from NY to NC in the snow for two weeks to spend Christmas with my sister and I. (as we both live here about an hour apart). Although our Christmas' were smaller they were still fun.

       Then, when my mom passed away. My dad started visiting on Thanksgiving. Of course due to crazy travel and snowstorms no one could blame him, but Christmas got even smaller. We spent a few with my sister and a few with Nick's family. We even spent a few just Nick and I. You see every year seemed to be sadder and sadder. We lost my mom, we lost Nick's dad. Really in our household December and January tend to not be good months for us.
    Then, this year we had a long talk. I realized that I had the chance to start my own tradition. That for once I am "THE MOM". I can decide what we do and don't do. I can make up traditions. Although Xavier does not get them all now, he will in time. Plus, now is the time to try traditions out to see if you like them, before he gets too attached to them.

     I have made a point to have more Christmas cheer this year, as I have a son to be sure to show the magic of Christmas to. I know Xavier was around last year, but honestly at nine months he did not really get the concept of any of it, he just liked looking at the lights.
     So this year before decorating I have made it a point throughout December to have more Christmas spirit. I am wearing Christmas socks everyday and looking forward to all the new traditions we are starting.

       What was so wonderful, was Xavier. He did something that made my day and really brought the Christmas spirit to light for me. While we were decorating. He pulled a Santa hat out of the box and wanted to wear it all day while decorating and every day since then. It has made me smile and reminded me of the spirit of Christmas. Just his love for his Santa hat and he loves it most when Nick and I wear ours as well. If that does not bring you into a little Christmas spirit I do not know what will. I hope you all have a great holiday season! Start some new traditions with your family no matter what religion you are!

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