Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recycled Airline Blanket Christmas Stockings


 So I got my sewing machine that my husband got me for Christmas last year finally out and put together for Halloween this year to help make our garden gnome costumes (Read: The Second Halloween). Now that it's the holidays I wanted to make us all matching stockings.
        I had matching stockings with my family and still have my stocking but I wanted to make our own family set. However, I did not want to spend much money on fabric or anything as I would rather save the money for gifts or things. So I found a bunch of old fleece and airline blankets (we used to fly a lot to visit family) and decided since I had so many red ones (thank you Delta) I decided to make the main part of the stockings all red and gave each one's top a different top color. My color is a maroon, Xavier's stocking is hunter green, and Nick's stocking is navy blue.
    If you are a first time sewer these are easy and you can probably even use some fabric glue if you are handy with that stuff. If you hand sew this might be a lot, because I used the sewing machine they only took me a few hours to make. You only need enough fabric for your stockings and felt for the names and I used fabric glue to glue the names on; though you probably could use regular glue but I was concerned about a bleed through.

First, find a stocking in the size you would like all yours to be.
Draw around the stocking and then cut it out not on the lines, leave some space outside of the lines.

See how there is extra fabric outside the lines. (some spots I did not do as good as others).

Be sure to cut both sides.

Pin all around where you want to sew. It is best to pin with straight pins as then you can go over them with a sewing machine (just not the head part), but I only have safety pins so I remove them while I sew.   

Sew your stocking. Be sure to leave the top open.
Cut out two identical size parts of another color you want on your stocking. Be sure to measure your length a little over since you want to be able to fold them over. Note some recycled blankets look better on some sides then others be careful of this when making these stockings you want the nice part of the blanket on the outside. 
Sew them to your stocking. You might want to use a nice stitch in case someone pulls up this part it may be visible.
Fold your stocking down and sew it so that when yo fold it the seem is covered.

Sew a ribbon on the inside so you can hang your stocking.
Write out names on craft felt and cut. Glue on with fabric glue. You can use stencils for letters if you do not have good handwriting.
Hang on the fireplace with care. We don't have a fireplace so we settle for a bookshelf with candles and nutcrackers on it!

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  1. Very nice idea! I'm sure that Christmas stocking will this Christmas season. Awesome job friend! Very creative. Thanks for sharing



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