Thursday, December 12, 2013

Magic Wipe Box


 If you remember a few months back I did a post entitled Montessori Fail where I tried a couple of Montessori preschool ideas and Xavier looked at me like I was crazy and wanted nothing to do with them. I have periodically pulled them out here and there just for the heck of it and had gotten no response.

    Since we both now live and work here (Read: Changes In Our Home, Introducing Baby Melissa) we have been cleaning and sprucing up the house and I decided I needed to do something with the box of pipe cleaners, pom poms, lolly pop sticks, and spools, so I decided to take everything out one last  time. This time I took a little of everything and just stuffed it into a baby wipes container. Xavier loved it! It was like a magic box that he could reach in and pull all sorts of different things out. Plus the fact that it is all simple items I didn't worry about him hurting himself with any of it.
    He has only had it a couple of days now but he will actually carry the box with him around the house and periodically stuff things in it (whether they belong or not) and take things out of it. It is nice to know that even though he has some pretty cool electronic toys he still takes pleasure in the simple wipes container with crazy, QUIET things.

         Did you read that? QUIET he does not have many toys that are quiet. Luckily he does like puzzles and books a lot but most of the time when he plays with those he likes to do it with me or Nick. The magic wipe box he loves to play with quietly alone which is very nice and I think became a perfect thing for him to do. Plus, it was a great way to free up some space and give him a new toy. Definitely a Mom Win!

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