Friday, December 6, 2013

Introducing Baby Melissa

   I would like to introduce you all to who I will refer to as Baby Melissa on this blog. This is the only real picture you will see of her and her name has been changed as is her parents' wishes and I respect them.
        However, Baby Melissa's parents and I feel that the stories would benefit all the parents out there in need of help, guidance or friendship so I would like to formerly let you all know that I now have the privilege of watching Baby Melissa throughout the week as well as still having my own son Xavier.     
           Although you will not see her face you may see a stray hand or arm or back of head in a picture. If you are new to blogs, this practice is very common.
          Being a stay at home mom with a son who is twenty months old and watching an infant who is almost three months old is definitely challenging. It is hard to even fit in time to write, which is why we decided I had to write about my day to day experiences because they are real. Many stay at home moms watch their friends' kids. It is very common. Hopefully, these new experiences along with Changes At Home will turn out to at least be an exciting read for a while. I know they are a new challenge in our lives but a good one and one we are proud, happy and honored to be taking.
     So check back on Monday to find out how my first week watching Xavier and Baby Melissa went. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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