Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Tuesday


    Thanksgiving can turn into a bloody battle with the Christmas shopping frenzy usually on the Friday after Thanksgiving and some stores are even open on Thanksgiving day/evening. To combat the bloody battle to go out and shop literally until at least someone drops the day after we are thankful for our families, friends and everything we have we have created Giving Tuesday. Which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
         So let's get this straight, Thursday we eat with our family and friends and be thankful, Friday you mall people over for great shopping deals, Saturday and Sunday you relax and eat left over turkey or travel back home, Monday you shop online for Cyber Monday sales and Tuesday you GIVE BACK! Honestly, as someone who has shopped on Black Friday, maybe even on Thanksgiving, (in my defense I believe it was to buy coffee as we forgot to get some to make with dessert and I went to whatever was open at the time) and as someone who used to get up at 3am to open a store at 4am and work until 4pm or later depending on management for Friday I can say with the utmost confidence that Thursday and Tuesday are the most important days.
     We should not have to wait all year long for a season to come that makes us give back. We should not have to wait all year long for a season to come for us to spend more time being grateful for what we do have. I love shopping and gift giving as any one else. However, there were some Christmas' that we gave to others and bought nothing for ourselves not even an over average dinner. People need to recognize that GIVING IS A CYCLE! When you help others and give either with your time, money, a smile, a kind gesture or an ear to listen you are receiving good karma coming right back to you. Don't think this is true? Try it for a month. Give to charities, give some time to those in need, make small kind gestures. After doing that everyday for a month you will see a difference in your life and your perspective on things.
     If this is your first GIVING TUESDAY the idea is to donate mainly money (though I'm sure anything will do) to charity. IE- the money you spent shopping you give some back to your community by picking a charity that is close to your heart. If you do not have a charity I am putting my "two cents" in and saying to Please DONATE to the Epilepsy Foundation.
           Last month was Epilepsy Awareness Month and for one month this blog was decked out in purple. I wrote about epilepsy, about living with epilepsy about a mom with a child with epilepsy and there are millions more out there. 1 in 25 people will develop epilepsy in their life. Most likely if you are that 1 you may not know why, or where it came from, or how to manage it, or even afford your medicines. You will have a hard time finding people like yourself in your position, you will have a hard time finding support groups. You will have a hard time because this is an underfunded charity. You may think a seizure now and then is no big deal, but read my Epilepsy Awareness Tab stories and you will feel differently. People can die from epilepsy, they can have a prolonged seizure that leads to death and they can also die at any time from Sudden Unexplained Death in Epileptic People. Please DONATE, we fell very short of our goal to raise $1000 last month and sadly only raised $150. Although that is more then if I did not write about it on the blog it is not enough.
    Today on Giving Tuesday, DONATE, if not to the Epilepsy Foundation then to a charity that is close to your heart. In economic hard times charity funding is always first to get cut and you have no idea how much charities really do for people in your community and around the world. Please remember that this is the season for giving!

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