Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Decorating With A Toddler


    We finally were able to decorate our house for Christmas. At least the inside of the house. At some other time Nick will figure out how to manage time to decorate the outside of the house. It was definitely an experience decorating with a toddler this year. Last year, Xavier was only nine months old. This year he is twenty months old. Last year he would sit and play with his toys or we could decorate during his naptimes or after he went to bed. However, this time is much trickier.

     First, all of our Christmas decorations are in our outside shed. So while Xavier took his one and only nap for the day which is usually 2-3 hours long Nick and I brought in all the Christmas decorations in boxes. We attempted to get the tree at least standing before Xavier woke up but it was only half standing. Close enough.

     Xavier did better then I thought. He would glance in the boxes and grabbed the Santa hat and a stocking and pretty much was happy with those for the rest of the day. However, when we decorate we like to make it fun. You know the vision of playing Christmas music and dancing and hanging decorations. Instead my toddler, was mad because we were not playing trains with him. So he pouted in his room and then cried and yelled in his room. Then, finally he came out and pouted. So I finally caved on the Christmas music and let him watch some television for a little while which definitely helped to ease the mood. However, I must say decorating to Dora The Explorer as opposed to White Christmas is definitely an experience! We survived though it though and we are stronger for it.

    It was worth the effort because, Xavier loves looking at the tree and the village and all the decorations around the house. It is neat to watch. He has so much more fun and magic to look forward to in Christmas and yet, he is already so excited!

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