Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Angel Tree

   It is hard during the holiday season and how commercialized everything is getting to remember the true meaning of this season. Even though we are pagan we still have a Christmas tree (yes, we call it a Christmas tree) and we still give presents to family and friends. However, we are the "Happy Holidays" people.
    I do not know how "Happy Holidays" suddenly became bad to say. I always said "Happy Holidays" as a kid because it included every holiday, Christmas, Chanukah, Yule, Kwanza and New Year's. Therefore, that is the term I use. However, I think it is polite to wish people anything. Heck I am happy if someone says "Have a nice day". That is why during the holidays it can be so frustrating to stay in a holiday spirit. Simply put we should be this way all year round.
     I know Nick and I since having Xavier have really put an effort into going out of our ways to show examples of being kind and nice to people in general.Nick teaches Xavier to hold doors for people and pull out chairs and help with chores. We teach him to give his old toys and clothes away and we hope with how we celebrate things he will learn that this time of year especially people are in need of extra spirit. The darkness, the cold, the dampness and for some snow can be hard on a person's spirit. It is always good to smile, talk to old friends, send a card or gift this time of year, many people find it hard.
     We did the (hopefully) last of our Christmas shopping this past weekend at the mall. Which is always extra crowded with people and things. We took our time, had our list and still had time to take in the sights. One thing we did which really helped me get into the spirit of things is we did The Angel Tree for the Salvation Army. If you have never done one before they are fun to do. You pick a child, they give you their first name and age, and you buy them some clothes and a toy. They put a list of sizes and some toys that are wanted on the list. I proudly grabbed one this year and added that child to our list of Christmas shopping and it seemed to make the whole experience better. I did not feel so commercialized knowing I was helping someone else out.
    Remember winter can be a favorite time of year or the worst time of year for people remember to spread the joy. If you are having trouble getting into the spirit of things check out my post The Christmas Hat. If you are looking for fun ways for your family to give back check out my post 10 Ways to Give Back. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season!

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