Friday, November 1, 2013

The Second Halloween

 This Halloween/Samhain was much better then last year's. Xavier liked wearing his costume, in fact he wore it almost all night until bedtime. He did not quite grasp the trick or treat thing, so we only went to a couple of our friends' homes in our neighborhood. We ended up sitting in our front yard (We were garden gnomes after all) and handing out candy. Xavier really enjoyed seeing all the other kids dressed up.

    We ended the evening with some good friends that we live very close too. It was the perfect evening to remember to live in the present. We were thankful that our ancestors were closer tonight, and were able to bring to us messages that may have been much needed, but we are forever reminded that life is precious and you are to make each moment count.

      Here are some of the pictures from our festivities! You can also check out Xavier's First Halloween, Bread of The Dead Recipe or Infant Trick or Treating. I hope you all had a wonderful, fun and safe Halloween/Samhain.

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