Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Extra Hour

    As much as the idea of getting an extra hour of sleep appeals to me. I dreaded it this year and for good reason. I have a toddler. Xavier is now nineteen months and walks around like a regular miniature Mussolini (Italian dictator). He likes his food at certain times, his music just so, his toys arranged properly. My husband and I feel as though we are his servants sometimes not his parents.
     Then, of course we are reminded of the little piece of heaven that he is with smooches and hugs and laughs and giggles. Or excitement just to see you or the cat. Or when he helps with the laundry or clearing the table. You just know you are raising and have a wonderful sweet little angel.
    Due to the end of daylight savings time and us moving back an hour, we have been stuck with the miniature Italian dictator the last couple days that now gets up at 5:30am and is crashing at 6:30pm.
    Our job is to keep as regular to the new schedule as possible. We try to keep him in his crib until at least 6:30am despite the complaints. We also try to keep him up until his usual eight o'clock bedtime despite his unruly crabbiness. I now feel as if I am living with a miniature foreigner who does not speak my language nor me his and he has jet lag!  Hopefully jet lag does not last long.

Don't forget that in honor of Epilepsy Awareness this month I have a donation button to the Epilepsy Foundation. Please donate so we can find a cure for this disease. Check out the epilepsy posts for this month here and be sure to share them and spread the awareness. Without awareness there is no cure!
Thank you all for your love and support!

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