Thursday, November 7, 2013

Test and Learn for Tots


      Most of you know that my nineteen month old, Xavier loves books. They are without a doubt his favorite thing to do. He loves to look at them and play with them and have you even read them to him. ( Check out my post, 10 Tips To Help Your Child Become A Reader) I am not surprised that he likes books, in fact it was one of the things I really wanted for our child.
     Without even purposing doing it my husband, Nick and I have started teaching him things based on just his books. He has a few picture books, they have animals, abc's, every day items, and things like that, that you are supposed to read and point out to your child. Xavier has three books like these, one is ABC's and 123's, one is animals, and one is common words such as ball, book, bottle, etc. He loves these books. He always has me read them to him. I read and point out each item to Xavier all the time. Then, before he turns the page if there is something he wants to hear again he points to it and I tell him. I thought that was normal inquisitive behavior. Until one day he started opening the book and would not even let me read it. He just would point to things and I had to say what they are.
     That night after Xavier went to bed, my husband and I were talking and I asked if he stopped reading with my husband as well. My husband's response was that he never reads to him. You see my husband has the morning shift. He has from 5am to 10am. Most of which Xavier is awake as he usually gets up at 6 or 7 am everyday. Although my husband is a morning person he is still not so much of a morning person that reading to a toddler at six in the morning is first on his list. He said he asks Xavier questions. He will ask where is the owl? or where is the ball? or where is the letter "A"? Xavier will then point to them. I laughed because I said it is like I am teaching him and Nick is the test that Xavier has in the morning. Our child is already being schooled and we did not even know about it.
     At least he really enjoys it and it makes me feel good to know that he has such a thirst for knowledge and learning. It is sad that so many adults lose that as they get older. They just have no thirst to expand their minds when as children it is all we ever want to do!

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