Friday, November 22, 2013

Picking A First Friend

Mr. Elephant
     I always imagined that some day we would bring Xavier into a toy store and he would instantly pick out a teddy bear or stuffed animal that he would fall in love with and he would be attached to, but it had yet to happen. The closest he has come is who we call Mr. Monkey. Mr. Monkey sleeps in the crib with Xavier. I have no idea who gave him to us, but he is soft, cuddly and safe so Xavier and Mr. Monkey have been sharing a crib for quite some time.

    However, Mr. Monkey does not leave the crib. He is only something Xavier sleeps with or plays with only in his crib. (Mr. Monkey does come on sleep overs with Xavier). Xavier has a few stuffed animals he loves he has an Elmo, Mickey, a couple giraffes, a couple of monkeys and he loves Scout. He does not play much with them. He likes them around and once in a while he will hug them or dance with them. He likes to snuggle with Scout and play with his buttons. However, he never really liked them to begin with except Scout and that is because he talks.

     The other day when I was changing him on the changing table directly across from his vision is a shelf with two stuffed animals on it. They are both elephants. His room is a jungle theme. I had given him both of these elephants to play with at one time or another and most of the time he seemed disinterested in them and like he could care less, so I just left them on the shelf as I thought they looked nice there.

        We have been working on learning our animals and animal noises. Elephant is one of his favorites. Suddenly, Xavier threw his arm up and made the elephant noise and pointed at the elephants on the shelf. After changing him I took one down and showed it to him. To my surprise he seemed a little scared. In fact I had to hold his hand to even touch it. I did not think much of it so I put it back and did not bother getting the other elephant as I assumed if he did not like one why would he like the other. Of course, he got upset and pointed at the elephants again and wanted the other one. So I grabbed it. Granted this one when you pull it's tail it plays a lullaby and flashes a little but he fell for it before he knew that. As soon as I gave it to him his little eyes lit up and he kissed and snuggled it.

   He carried around Mr. Elephant all day with him. They did everything together and he even figured out how to pull his tail for the music to play. It is amazing to me that something that has been in his room for ages, that is a hand me down that I do not even remember who gave it to us, and he has never seemed to like before, he can be so enamored with so quickly. I found it adorable and I hope Xavier and Mr. Elephant become long time friends.

Xavier dancing with his new friend, Mr. Elephant!

I hope you all have a great weekend and go out and have some fun with your friends! Stay tuned to next week's blog and find out how our anniversary vacation went!

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