Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Changes At Home

 The Arbia household is starting to change. Nick has taken a job where he now works at home. I love having him home. He gets to spend a lot more time with Xavier and I. He also helps me around the house as well so I can get more writing done, and also for when I am not feeling very good. (See I Am A Face of Epilepsy).
     My husband and I have sporadically been home before at the same time, not for good reasons. Usually a lay off or something like that. We always assumed he would go back to work. However, we are excited that he now can work at home.
    It's not always bliss. Two people working at home with two "make your own schedules" with a toddler is difficult. Pretty much the toddler makes the schedule. So there are many times we both will be doing work at night because we decided to spend the day together with Xavier.
        We also have to learn to put up with each other 24/7. Which can be an adjustment for all. I had to adjust that not everything can possibly be clean all the time with three people constantly in a house together. Nick adjusted to when he watched Xavier he had to sometimes go by Xavier's schedule and not his. Plus, even Xavier had to adjust. We usually try to have one of us in charge of Xavier for the day, otherwise he gets messed up as to what is going on.
    We are working on fully converting our garage to an office for Nick to use so he can go and get more hours in while I can have Xavier in the house with me. However, it has been so fun to be able to do things in the middle of the week or even the middle of the day and really live a life together that we would like to.
     Nick used to work on the road a lot and we hardly ever saw him. There were days when Xavier never got to see him and being alone is really hard by myself. I did not have a vehicle and was not always in good health. Instead of always wanting him home, I decided I would just appreciate him as much as I could and be thankful for him home. My gratefulness has turned into an abundance of Nick home which we are all very grateful for. I hope this inspires you to find the silver lining in your life and be grateful for it, so then you will have abundance too!

If you have noticed a change in my normal format for my blog it is for Epilepsy Awareness Month. Please check out epilepsy facts and stories on my Epilepsy Awareness Tab. Also, I am collecting donations this month. Your donation goes directly to the Epilepsy Awareness Foundation. DONATE HERE! Also, if you or someone you love suffers from Epilepsy please email me at NextGenerationSAHM@yahoo.com your story to put in a blog post they can be anonymous. (no worries if you are not a writer I can edit it for you!). Thanks for all the love and support!

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