Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treating Under The Sea

     We were very excited that this year since Xavier is old enough to really enjoy Halloween. We would take him out as much as we could so he can get tons of great memories started in his little brain. I was excited to finally be able to take him to the Trick Or Treat Under The Sea at the Fort Fisher Aquarium. It is a wonderful event where the kids go to the aquarium dressed up and they have trick or treating stations, shows, special exhibits, etc. It always looked like fun to me and I was excited to go this year and Xavier was able to go with one of his little friends as they came with us and had a blast as well.
       Although the event is always two days, it is extremely crowded. However, we were prepared for crowded. (They even warn you to only bring an umbrella stroller). I was extremely impressed in how everything was handled. Clearly the aquarium knew and were ready for this to be a crowded event. Even the parking was extremely efficient as you were led directly to a parking space. The admission was reasonable. The exhibits were amazing.
      I apologize for not taking pictures of this event however, as stated above it was very crowded and not well lit, plus we were dressed up with a toddler in tow, need I say more? It was neat to be able to see how they "dressed" up the aquarium for Halloween. There were pumpkins in the fish tanks. Pirate skeletons in the shipwrecks and my favorite the graveyard in the stingray tank. They also had a lot of fun activities out for the children to see. Xavier was not interested in them much as all of it was a lot for him. He was content to just ride along in his umbrella stroller. However, I had fun looking at the live snakes, and touching the sea turtle shell and testing out my super hero powers. I was sorry we missed the magic show.
      What I thought was also great was when your kid got fussy from the crowds and too much stimulus you were able to take them outside and play on the aquarium playground which is very new and lots of fun! Xavier went down the slide all by himself for the very first time there! I was so proud. He loved it so much he even went down one time head first, though he did not seem to like that as he did not do head first again.

      All in all it was a wonderful, family fun night for all. We were one tuckered out family of garden gnomes. Which by the way I was proud to have made our costumes all by myself on my new sewing machine! It is amazing how even as a mom who is home everyday with her little one, you are still able to fit in time to learn something new everyday!

Trick or Treat Under The Sea is over for this year but is offered every year at the Fort Fisher Aquarium. For more information about the North Carolina you can check out my post of visiting it here, and you can check out their website here.

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Mailing address & Street Address:
900 Loggerhead Road
Kure Beach, NC 28449
Toll Free: 800-832-3474 ext. 2
Fax: 910-458-6812

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