Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Bewitching Hour


   Gone are the joys of the twice a day naps. Once around 11am and once around 4pm (that was my favorite as it was my nap time as well). So now Xavier who is nineteen months has since protested and proven that no second nap is "totally" necessary. By "totally" I mean he still gets grouchy as the night goes on, but he is simply NOT tired until the Bewitching Hour which is around 5pm-8pm when he goes to bed. At any moment during that time he can just scream, throw himself on the floor, cry or throw things (though that is never encouraged and usually results in more crying).  He can then go and be happy again in a second. You never know what you are going to get during those three hours.
      What is funny is if you have kids, especially a toddler you know what I am talking about. I am sure you have a Bewitching Hour at your house as well. From what I have heard, it is mostly the same hours between 5pm-8pm, however, I have not done enough research to know for sure.
   So if you have a little angel who acts up during the Bewitching Hour and want to know what to do with this "Bewitching Hour" you have heard so much about. Here are some tips that we have found seem to work best.

Tips for Surviving The Bewitching Hours

1) First be on top of your kid. I know it's your bewitching hour too and you are exhausted, but pay attention to your child who demands your attention. Make sure he/she is fed, and has plenty to do and does not need a diaper change, or is teething. Handle them as if you are getting ready to go out and you want all your bases covered. Diaper, check, food/drink satisfied, check, medicine if needed, check, teething items if needed, check.

2) Take it outside. As much as possible children love outdoors and you can usually get away with doing less if you are outside. A nice stroll around the block. A simple playtime on the swings. Even kicking a ball around really will get things moving and you can all blow off steam from your day.

3) Toward the end of The Bewitching Hour try to quiet things down. Do quiet activities, like reading, puzzles, blocks, or a quiet movie, although screen time before bed is not recommended for children or adults.

4) Try to have a play date. This may sound odd but if you happen to have a friend come by with their kids and all the kids can play and you can enjoy some adult conversation. This helps everyone and is a win win situation.

5) If all else fails go for water. Never underestimate how much kids love water. Break out the water balloons, the mini pools, the slip n slide, the sprinkler, the water guns. If you live up north this works with snow. Kids love snow so get out your sleds, and make those snowmen and have snowball fights. If you cannot go outside, try a nice long bath or having them help wash dishes in the sink. Believe it or not many love it if you let them use extra bubbles!

Hopefully these will help you with your Bewitching Hour! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween/Samhain week!

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