Friday, October 25, 2013

Sneaky, Sneaky

  For your Friday Funny I thought this would crack you all up. Xavier has just started wanting to really sit on our furniture. He now loves our rocking recliner. I try not to encourage him to get into it as it rocks and I usually have the laptop or phone next to it (which he also tries to get into to).
    The other day I was in the bedroom folding laundry and Xavier was playing in the living room. Apparently, he got tired of his toys because as you can see by the pictures he snuck up onto the recliner and rocked it back and forth for a while and then the little sneak, got down and went right back to playing thinking I never saw him. When really I have photographic proof! Oh the joys of parenting! I hope you all have a wonderful and fun filled weekend!

The climb into the rocking recliner.

Turning around to sit in the rocking recliner.

Crazily rocking in the rocking recliner. (That is why he is so blurry because he was going so fast).

The descent back down off the rocking recliner.

Almost done and no one caught me!

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