Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Mike's Farm Country Store & Restaurant

    Since it is our favorite season of the year getting ready to be our favorite holiday of the year. I always try to pack as much October fun as possible into our days. This year we decided since Xavier is now eighteen months old and walking and running it would be fun to go to a farm and get some pumpkins for our Halloween and Samhain celebrations. After looking online for a few different farms in our areas. We settled on Mike's Farm Country Store and Restaurant. They had a great easy to use website, good hours, and we had heard nice things of them from many friends of ours.

    What we liked best about Mike's Farm Country Store and Restaurant is that it is rustic enough that it looks like a farm and it has animals, and crops and lots of land, but you can also tell that they get a lot of visitors to this farm as it was well equipped with things to do, nice rest rooms, a gift shop, a bakery, with amazing smelling fudge and a restaurant. We only went for the hayride to get our pumpkins and then we were able to wander around the farm and pet some of the animals that were around. Xavier got to feed the goats, and pet the donkey and bunnies. He also got to see the chickens, roosters and turkeys.

    It was a lot of fun. There was a short wait between hayrides which we did not mind. We actually got to sit on hay, but it was tightly bundled so no real worries of it falling all over you.

 We had a nice ride through their farm and at the end they had a big pumpkin patch where you can get off and get some pumpkins if you want to.

 I thought it was convenient that there was a port-a-potty even by the pumpkin patch. Many people on the hayride had toddlers and little ones. Mike's Farm Country Store and Restaurant is extremely kid friendly even baby and toddler friendly which was wonderful. I don't know how long it actually took all together, but I can say it was just long enough to be worth the only $2 for the hayride (pumpkins are extra) and short enough that everyone's toddler does not throw a tantrum. We had a lot of fun and Xavier enjoyed every bit of it, from the hayride to even picking out his own little pumpkin.

    After the hay ride we checked out the animals which are spread out over the property which provided a great place to let your child run and interact with the animals. Xavier loved feeding the goats and looking at the turkeys and bunnies.

It was a really fun day and exactly the experience we wanted to have with our son for getting his first pumpkin. We will definitely be making this our yearly tradition.

 They also do this for Christmas trees and have many special events as well and are open all year round (though hours vary so be sure to check their website). I am so thankful to Mike's Farm Country Store & Restaurant for making our October even more special and spectacular then it has already been!

 They are also offering a Haunted Hayride & Carnival this weekend October 24th, 25th and 26th hayrides begin at 7pm each night.

To find out more about Mike's Farm Country Store and Restaurant you can visit their website at

Mike's Farm Country Store and Restaurant is located at
1600 Haw Branch Rd.
Beulaville, NC 28518
Toll Free: 888-820-FARM (3276)

Hours vary by season please check their website or call

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