Monday, October 7, 2013

Leaps and Bounds

    Our little bundle of joy is now eighteen months old. A whole one and a half. In fact I am pretty sure after the age of two we do not even count months anymore sniff. It seems like the last six months he has been growing in leaps and bounds.
    He now says words like kitty, dog, mom, dad, eat, nap, Dora (ugh) and I'm sure a few more I have either forgotten or did not interpret properly. He can ride on his little bike by using his legs to move, he can tell you what things are in books and even put together puzzles.
    The other day he did something I was especially proud of. He mastered using the spoon. He has been doing very good with the fork we got him (see post Spoon and Fork Training Tips), but not so good with the spoon. He had a hard time figuring out the scooping motion of the spoon. He was much happier with the fork and it is much easier to use the sticking motion with the fork.
           However, the other day we had soup for dinner. Xavier loves Italian Wedding Soup and he loves to crush up crackers and this time he figured out how to scoop with his spoon. (Granted there was not much broth, but still it was not as easy as it would seem).
    Sometimes it is the little things that we take for granted as adults that you forget how important they may be to the little ones in your life. So be sure to celebrate every little milestone whether it belongs to you or your little ones!

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