Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Calendar Revamp

  Nick and I are big shoppers of thrift stores and antique stores. So this weekend we went about town to get some more decorations for Halloween and (yes, Christmas as well) for the house. While we were at the good will I found this neat wooden calendar. I have always loved the wooden calendars. I use calendars all the time and I remember as a little girl my mom had a wooden calendar and I used to love to put the numbers in order and use the different plaques for holidays and stuff.

    So after seeing this calendar with all the pieces for it I decided to buy it for a whole $3. After buying it I decided it did not go with our cool color beach decor that we have in our living room/dining room/kitchen room. So I decided to revamp it.
     You would be surprised how easy it really is to dress up old things and really make them your own. I was able to paint over all the pink with a blue acrylic paint. I decided to alternate the tiles to make it pop a little bit. So the odd numbers are light blue and the dark blues are even numbers. I also made the months dark blue to match the hooks at the bottom. I decided to glue a seashell over the heart of ducks that was on the calendar since I could not get it off.

   One of the best secrets is if you cannot paint words, letters and/or numbers a secret I use a lot especially if you use acrylic paint is by writing with a sharpie. I did one letter in each color first and waited until it dried until I painted them all. I tried out a bronze sharpie marker that looked fabulous.  

            Needless to say I now have a wonderful wooden calendar that not only has wonderful memories for me but also I was able to make it my own! I hope this helps you the next time you are out bargain shopping.  You really can try to see the possibilities of things much better by keeping an open mind. I have figured out that the more I try to revive these antique treasures the better I get at it. What have you restored?

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