Monday, October 21, 2013

A Heart of Love


Sleep little one in my arms so snug.
As our heart's embrace it is a magical hug.
It was amazing to watch you run and play;
you're learning so many things everyday!
Today you play with toys, games and books;
someday someone will notice your boyish good looks.
Your father and I wish you lots of health, happiness and love;
and may all your dreams soar like the wings of a dove.
There are two more things we wish for you,
and in our opinion they are very important too.
May you see love always in your life;
and may you find it without much strife.
out into the world one day you will descend;
may you find love with your best friend.
During your life I hope a time will come;
where you will feel love for your very own son.
If you stray from your path never worry, 
for you are the one writing your own story.
If you get lost and feel alone or fall apart;
remember the love that is in your heart.
Generations of love have been given to you;
from great grandparents, cousins, and aunts
and especially your parents who will always love you.
Your heart is small when you are a little one;
but it gets bigger everyday.
Pour love into it from as many as you can; 
and you will always have someone holding your hand. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and start of a brand new week!

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