Monday, September 16, 2013

Toy Piles

   When you are a stay at home mom you become slightly crazy about things. We will not fully always admit to it but it happens. We cannot help it.
         I have a hard time letting Xavier's toys get all mixed up. It drives me nuts. As much as I want to encourage him to use his imagination and put the elephant from a puzzle into the Little People airplane. That drives mommy nuts because that means that tonight mommy will be looking for that puzzle piece when she cleans up. I always clean up Xavier's toys. However, now that he can walk and help with chores there is no reason he cannot learn to clean up as well so we started teaching him how to clean up. We even made our own little clean up song that we sing when we clean up. He will even do it himself (it's so cute).
        The only problem was we taught Xavier to put his toys back in his toy box aka our ottoman. However, it would drive me crazy because he would dump puzzles and books in there, and how was he supposed to try to put the puzzle together tomorrow with the pieces all over the inside of the ottoman? Then, he got so many toys they did not even all fit in the ottoman. That's when I decided to set up stations around the house to help with his development and play times. (To find out more click the link on stations for that post)
     Things are much better now because we pretty much have piles of toys. There is a book pile area, puzzle pile area, train pile area, block pile area and toy pile area. All those things must stay in their areas. Xavier is slowly grasping that concept but it really helps with clean up time. He cleans up a certain area at a time which works well. Plus, I don't usually let him clean up the puzzle area because then he will sit and try to finish all the puzzles so I do those later.
     It is funny the lengths we go to get around our madness. However, I think different things work for different families. If you find something that works for you go with it and if something is not working for you then you need to find a better way.

I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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