Thursday, September 12, 2013


   What is the one thing you desire the most? I'm sure if you thought about it, you would think of a few different ways of getting it yourself. What if I told you what you desire the most you will never have. The most precious commodity is time. All the money in the world does not buy time.
     I am truly blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of friends having new babies right now. It is nostalgic as I know what kind of journey they are getting ready to embark on. I truly do not have any words to describe it other then, it is like falling in love all over again. Only this time you are in love first and then you have to live together inseparable for as much as possible and you have to get to know each other. Oh and you do not speak the same language either.
       That first year with Xavier was amazing. We were astounded at how much he would learn in just one day. At how much he really has his own little personality that is a weird combination of both of us. We would spend hours playing and just watching Xavier. There is never enough time to spend with your family. The rewards have already been paid off from all the time we spent in the beginning, rocking, cuddling, reading, playing, teaching, feeding, nursing, and yes, coddling. We now get hugs, kisses, asked to be read a book to, asked for food or drink and asked for a snuggle on the couch. (Though he prefers to pick what we watch). That first year of life you are molding a walking, talking opinionated human being you will have to live with for the rest of your life.
        Does that frighten you? It should, you would not be a very good parent if it does not frighten you, but what is so amazing about time is you realize just how amazing you are in the process. Parenthood puts you through the ringer and back. It makes you question your entire sense of being. It makes you stronger and a better person.
      Parenthood gives you some of that precious commodity. Parenthood gives you magical, wonderful, happy memories that tend to make time stand still.

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