Friday, September 13, 2013

The Pride of the Survivor

     We finally did it! We survived the three (but seemed like endless) weeks of Xavier getting eight teeth at the same time as a bad cold. It was a a bad time in the Arbia household. There were sheets on the furniture. Old clothes were worn inside the contamination area. Tissues and hand sanitizers at every turn. Extra night and day shifts for both of us. Lots of cuddling and snuggling and even some creativity with soft foods but through it all we survived and the Arbia family has emerged stronger and better then ever.
     Needless to say to celebrate we took a day off today to celebrate.We wanted to celebrate Xavier finally feeling better and us making it through those tough weeks. Plus it was also the beginning of the second Arbia beach season. You see we live near a beach. I would prefer to live on the beach, but for now I will settle with about forty-five minutes to the one we like to visit that lets us bring Vito, our black lab as well. We do not like to go to the beach during the normal beach season which is basically Memorial Day to Labor Day because the parking is crazy, it's extra crowded, extra hot and with extra long traffic.

Our lab, Vito in the background and Xavier playing in the sand the best sight ever!

       However, we have found two sweet spots where we love to go to the beach. The beginning of May (if it does not rain) and September and October. We especially love September and October. Most kids are in school. Most people are not on vacation. There was no one in the parking lot today on a Thursday in the middle of the week. It was like we had the whole beach to ourselves. It is nice also because our beach allows dogs off leash in the off season and since Vito listens very well we were able to let him just run and swim as much as he wanted on the beach. It is amazing how much that dog loves to swim and jump waves.

     I have always been in love with the beach. My entire life I have always wanted to be as close to the ocean as I could ever get. I find it very soothing and restorative. We finally invested in some new backpack chairs that got us able to get out to the beach with only a few items and it only took us twenty minutes to pack up and get everything and everyone in the car. That is what I call a successful beach run!

     I am excited to be able to take Xavier to the beach with us. He adores it as much as we do. He loves playing in the sand. We would fill the buckets with water for him and he loved splashing in it. He is my little water baby that is his mom's genes that shine in him. It is a magical experience to be swimming in the ocean with your son who is enjoying it just as much as you are. He even was a little dare devil and kept trying to get deeper and deeper. One time we were all sitting comfortably and he was playing with his toys and he just ran out to the ocean to go swimming. I had to go running after him. I am glad though he has that passion and confidence. Passion to go after what he wants and confidence to know that he can do it!

Vito is still swimming, while Xavier is playing in this picture too!

     Yes, it is amazing what a simple visit to the beach can do. It is good for the entire soul. The winds blow away all your negativity and the sun and ocean smell bring in good feelings of love and nostalgia. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and try to make it out to the beach!

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