Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Pointer


 Suddenly it emerges out of no where, it slings up with excitement and anticipation, and you never know where it's going to land. It is Xavier's pointer finger. It is going to land on you, and the cat, and the dog, and the chair, and the picture and the ceiling fan. It is pointed everywhere constantly, followed by a little "uh?". Which is Xavier's way of asking "What is that?".
    He even does it when you read books together. He will not let you turn the page until he is done pointing at things and having you answer what they are. I find it amazing at the amount of things in a day that he has to know the name of. I mean kid can't you let this go for the day?
     Children are definitely sponges that are able to constantly learn at an accelerated pace. Their entire day is filled with learning how everything works and relates to each other. They are learning how to survive in this world.
      We have had a rough couple of weeks lately. As Xavier has eight teeth coming in and a bad cold as well. So he has been miserable and in a constant bad mood but it is cute how he still finds time to point so I can tell him what something is and as much as I get tired of having to label everything in my house to a seventeen month old, I realize that I am teaching him something for the very first time. What I call an item and how I react to it, is something he is going to remember for the rest of his life. That is something special that only a parent can do and as much as it can be aggravating at times remember it is a privilege.
    I hope you had a wonderful labor day. We spent a wonderful weekend with friends and even doing some shopping at the local mall.

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