Friday, September 6, 2013

Spoon and Fork Training Tips

 We have finally got to the age where Xavier insists on trying to feed himself with a fork or spoon or sometimes both. We started feeding him with a spoon, then, he was content to feed himself for a long time with his hands and us always spooning some things for him. However, now he has decided he wants to use utensils like mom and dad.

     We started with the popular baby spoons from munchkin they work really well for spoons, but we realized he needed a fork as well. I had a couple of baby forks that came with sets that we got we tried but they were very thick and plastic and Xavier nor I could stab anything with it. So we looked around to try to find a small fork for Xavier.
     My husband found an appetizer fork at the kitchen store that we bought just one to try. It works perfectly. It is small, the tongs on it are smaller and not as sharp and Xavier can hold it really well. He can now stab and eat with confidence. We have to invest in a couple more appetizer forks.

    As for spoon training the best thing I have found for spoon training is yogurt in a cup. I give him the whole cup of yogurt and and dips the spoon in and I even show him how to scoop it all up. Today he did almost the entire yogurt container all by himself. (I had to scrape the edges for him).
    If you are looking for new ways to try to train your toddler with forks and spoons you should definitely look into this method it seems to work perfectly!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of love, laughter and gratitude!

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