Thursday, September 26, 2013



   I may not know a lot on this subject. My son so far is an only child.  I only have one sister. She is older than I am. The only reason I even think I know a little about the subject of "siblings" is because I know I have the best sister that there is.
      I have heard many couples say they are only having one child because they are expensive and I have heard them say they do not think they can give their child as much if there are two of them.
           I believe there is nothing that can stand in the way of love. A sibling is love. When you bring another child into the family it is nothing but pure love that now the four of you get to share in it.
    Siblings rely on each other for many things. I know many things kids cannot say to their parents they talk to their siblings about. Kids learn a lot from their siblings. I know I had a wonderful sister who I idolized. Who helped me deal with bullies, who taught me to ride my first bike, who taught me how to tease me hair (it was the 80s) and who helped to teach me how to be a great wife and mother when our mom passed away.
      Siblings are life long friends and companions. They know each other inside and out and love and accept them. You do not always have to like or approve of your siblings choices but you will always love and accept them for who they are unconditionally. As each child brings love to your family your family brings more love to the community. So I would like to wish that special sibling in my life my sister Marla a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE YOU!

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