Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: DoGoodBuyUs


    When you become a parent you realize something, you realize that you are leaving them this world. Whatever you have done to this planet for better or for worse you are leaving to your children. Be sure to support causes that empower us and our world, causes for animals, arts and culture, education, environment, health and women's needs. There is a new online company that now supports many of these causes and you can shop on their website and every purchase gives over 50% back to it's cause.
      You need to click over to DoGoodBuyUS, which is the largest market place of charity-made products. They have made an online market place full of goods where any one can "do good" just by buying beautiful, often  handmade items that support the worthiest causes. Since the beginning of this website they have been able to raise over $150,000 for their charities. 

       I liked the website so much that I ordered quite a few of their things and have already put in a second order to restock. We tried a few things, the soaps, body butter, mosquito spray, journal, and teas. Some things we liked and some things we loved! What is nice is when you are looking at the item online you can see what charity you are supporting, some even have videos or pictures of them making the items and how it has changed the lives of others.

       I love the soaps we got the unscented and the black and they smell really nice and are very good at cleaning and moisturizing my skin (I have sensitive skin and I had no irritation at all). Even my husband liked the soap as I caught him using it! I am a big fan of the Thistle Farms Body Butter it is nice and thick. A little goes a long, long way and your skin is so incredibly smooth and it lasts all day.

     We live in the south so the mosquito spray I must say did not work any better or any worse then most mosquito sprays but I did appreciate the smell much better. It was much nicer to snuggle with my husband outside smelling like sweet Geranium oil as opposed to what normal bug spray smells like.

     My husband got one of the herbal energy teas and he loves it. I cannot try it because of the caffeine, but it smells nice and comes in a pretty metal container. The journal I like, but is a little small and I did think it was three journals for that price not just one.

    I also had a few problems with them shipping. They would hold an entire order for one item until I asked what was going on and then they sent it right away. Also, some orders come in pieces. However, try to keep in mind that this is a charity organization that is new and is doing the best they can to help people, help people.
   DoGoodBuyUs has some amazing products at reasonable prices and they do amazing things to better the lives of many. 

    Be sure to swing by DoGoodBuyUs and check out their wonderful selection of clothing, jewelry, soaps, lotions, bags and even temporary tattoos. *Mention the code NextGenMoms to get $4.95 off of shipping!*

Visit www.DoGoodBuy.Us   

   No products,compensation or services were given to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

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