Thursday, September 19, 2013

Outside Life

 As we are approaching fall we are spending as much time outdoors these days as possible. The weather here is gorgeous usually sunny in the 70s and 80s.  I always find it amazing to watch the actual world transform before my very eyes. You watch leaves dying, animals hunkering down for the winter and geese getting ready for their big flight south.

     It is amazing to watch the earth changing through the eyes of your child. Seeing the leaves change through Xavier's eyes is amazing. He loves to play outdoors. He always plays with sticks and rocks and leaves. He of course has toys outside as well. He finally figured out how to walk himself on his little bike. It was cute. Nick taught him how to ride his first little bicycle. I took lots of photos of course.

   I know I loved just playing outside with my family when we were little. I can remember many nights with my parents on the porch and me and my sister just playing in the yard or sitting with my parents. I think that that can be a great bonding moment for families. You hear a lot of things about always bonding over the dinner table or at church. However, what if you have crazy schedules and cannot have family dinners? What if you do not attend a church? Try going outside. Take your entire family outside and unplugged. Even set a timer if you have to for an hour and just hang out outside either playing a sport, talking, walking around, gardening. It is a way for you all to ground yourself and connect with a power that is bigger then you and to connect to each other.

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