Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Is He Dead?

   If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know that my son is almost a year an a half.  Every single day multiple times a day I use this item and it is the most fabulous baby item ever. If you need something to get someone who is having a baby and do not have a lot to spend this is the item. It is the Cloud B Travel Size Sleep Sheep. (To read my review of the Cloud B Travel Size Sleep Sheep just click). We use this every time Xavier goes to sleep which right now is at night and he still takes two daytime naps.
     The other day Xavier figured out how to use it. I could hear on the monitor him switching the sheep tones to different sounds, brook, whales, ocean, rain, brook, rain, ocean , whales, etc. Finally, he settled on one and went to sleep. He has been doing that for a couple of days, just playing with the Sleep Sheep. It is held with Velcro around his crib so he cannot move it. The other day I heard him playing with it on the monitor then, all of a sudden he starts crying hysterically loud. I went running in to see what was the matter as he rarely cries that hysterically and he was holding the sheep in his hand. It was dangling from one of the Velcro pieces. I think Xavier had thought he killed the sheep as it had come off from the crib. I quickly put him back together on the crib and assured Xavier that Mr. Sheep will be fine from now on.
       I laughed to myself as I noticed that Xavier stopped playing with the Sheep after that. He will switch the sounds a little once in a while but not as much. I guess he learned that Mr. Sheep is not really something you should play with!

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