Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In The Present Moment

    Quiet time is something that does not happen very often in the house of a toddler. However, I try to teach it to Xavier as much as I can and I try to instill doing it as individuals and as a family very often.
    I believe too often we are always distracted by things, the television, the music, the laptop or cell phone and we not listening and learning. Even as adults we should be doing what a child does every day. We should be learning. When you learn you can advance, and improve on yourself and your surroundings.
     It is natural in children, they act like little sponges because they really want to absorb as much as possible so they can enjoy their surroundings. When was the last time as an adult you tried to do that? When was the last time you just thought about each present moment for an entire day? Where you actually looked at things and tried new things and learned new things? Then, after that, you will realize you just made your world a little brighter.
     It makes you wonder who is teaching who. Sometimes adults take children's ideas for granted. Thinking "oh they are young, they don't know how the world works", but perhaps they do know how the world works better then adults do. They know how to enjoy life and to improve their surroundings, can you do that? They only see good and happiness and love. What do you see?
             As adults we need to teach children to continue those gifts. To continue dreaming to continue doing whatever they desire because that is how everyone should live, in the present moment, for there is where you will find true happiness.

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