Monday, September 30, 2013



     Many people do not realize just how important friendship is.  It is pretty much a "subject" such as you would teach in school when you have children. There are so many different facets of friendship that you have to teach children. Many different kinds of things anything from don't bite your friends to how to deal if a friend moves away.
     The majority of children's television shows and books focus  on friendship, such as how to make friends, how to share with friends, what happens if a friend does something you do not want to do and things like that. I think that the best way to teach all of that is really with books and trial and error.  It is unfortunate that some of us learn how to make friends much later in life then others.
      I always believed that the essential thing you need to do to make friends is, listen. Most people just want to be heard and validated. If you listen, I mean really listen, don't be daydreaming while they are talking, and answer back, you will be surprised just how big of an impression that makes.
      You can even see this theory work with children. Xavier does not talk much yet, but it still funny when he does a baby talk word and another baby will answer with a baby talk word. They both get so excited because they feel as if they have been heard and understood.

      It is adorable to see Xavier interact with new kids all the time now. He is very interested in playing and he is slowly learning how to share and play with friends.
     As a mom all I dream is that he picks some good friends that will always love him for who he is and who will stand by him in good times and bad and will always listen to him. I know I have quite a few friends I feel this way about and I love them all very much.

       This past weekend we went to one of my very good and long time friend's wedding and it was amazing to think of all of the things we have done and been through together. It is amazing to think of all of the great times we have still to have together and the best part was being there celebrating with her and with my family. I love having Xavier see how good friends interact each other and how much of an impact they really do make on each other's lives.

Wishing a long life of love and happiness to our good friends Liz and Eron!

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