Friday, September 27, 2013


  Many people do not realize how important the community they live in is, until they have kids. They have to picture where their kids will play, where they will go to school, who their friends will be,and what the other families are teaching to your children.
      Unless you choose to raise your kids out in the country (which is a whole different post on it's own ups and downs) chances are there is some sort of community you live in. Whether it be through apartment dwellings, condos, trailers, campers, housing developments or quiet suburban neighborhood that you chose to raise your family in, it is still a community and it will play a part in raising your child.
     Your child's home community teaches him/her about the people around them. Do they see most of them as friends or foes? Are you respectful of boundaries of being neighbors and friends? A community can teach children how to deal in different situations. For when there is a death in a neighborhood and neighbors come and offer food, help with children or pets. Your children see how a community bonds in a crisis. And when a new baby arrives into the community and it is welcomed with food and gifts and smiles. You are teaching your children that by sticking through the bad times you also have rewarding great times as well. Things that only you can celebrate in your community. Such as being "The Coolest Small Town", and really being able to be yourself and be accepted as yourself that is the heart of a community.
    A community can even be an extended family that knows you and your family and can be there for you in good times and in the bad times as well. A community bands together to do what is right for their families.
     It is so important to make sure your child plays a part in their local community. A great way to meet people and get to know your community is by volunteering. Volunteer by doing something you are interested in and find out more about your community and teach your child how to not only appreciate communities but how to be sure he always picks the right community for his family.

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