Monday, September 9, 2013

Citrus Mint Iced Green Tea

   If you have heard of green tea you will have heard of the many health benefits for it. However, as good as it is for you. I never really cared for the taste very much. However, I decided to make some and mix it up a little. This is much more tasty then regular green tea. It has a nice mint and citrus taste. Try making a batch. This is enough for about a pitcher full.

Please Note: Green tea is not recommended to be given to children as it does have some caffeine the same reason it is not recommended for pregnant women. Although many people get great health benefits from green tea it can interfere with some medications and things so before trying please check with your doctor. You can find some information on Green Tea here on WebMD.

If you are a mom it also gives a great energy boost!

Citrus Mint Iced Green Tea
- 6 green tea bags
- 1 peppermint tea bag
- 1 orange or lemon tea bag
- 2 TBSPS lime juice
- 1 tsp honey

- Fill a large tea pot full of water and boil. Pour into a heat safe container with all the tea bags. Let them steep about 15 minutes. Take tea bags out, and add lime juice and honey and stir.

 Fill pitcher with ice and pour tea over the ice and put in fridge. The ice should melt. It is then good when you pour a glass of tea put it over new ice cubes. Enjoy! 

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