Monday, September 23, 2013

Cats and Babies

  As we spent a lazy weekend getting things done around the house we really let Xavier run lose and do pretty much what he wanted to do. One of his favorite things is to chase our cat, Zeus. He loves to chase him and Zeus loves to be chased. One of Xavier's few words that he says is "kitty".
    We also have an older cat named, Yuna, she pretty much has stayed away from Xavier for the entirety of her life, but the other day she finally let him pet her a few times before she ran away. The delight in his face was priceless.
    I wanted to post a little on cats. You see I am a huge cat person. We have two cats and one dog. We are big animal lovers and I have always had at least one cat living with me. I think that they get very bad raps with babies and children and I am here to say that a properly conditioned cat can get along very well with a child.
   In fact cats and kids can be best friends. As silly as it sounds, I grew up in the country and I always played with my cat. She was a very patient cat as I would dress her up in doll clothes and wheel her around in my baby carriage. Of course, I also fed her milk from a baby bottle so she had some goal in the process.
   Many cats love children. Cats even have the ability to play with their claws tucked, (meaning, not out) so that no one will be scratched. Here are a couple of tips for Cats and Babies to get a long.

Cat and Baby Tips

1) Keep cat litter and feces far away from baby or a pregnant mama. Cat's urine has ammonia in it and cat feces can have Toxoplasmosis in it. Try to put out of babies or children's reach like a garage or basement. A great idea is to install a kitty door to a basement or garage.

2) Give kitty plenty of warning. If possible when you are pregnant give your cat plenty of warning of the new changes and make sure cat items are moved early on. We moved their food and essentially turned their room of fun into the baby's room, it took time, but we moved out all the cat items early on so they stopped associating with that room so much, then we started to move the furniture inside the room.

3) Make sure your cat still has their necessities. When you have a cat you need things other then the regular, bed, water, litter box and food. Be sure your cat still has a sturdy and good scratching post if not more then one, plenty of daily fresh water, flea and tick control, they are spay or neutered, claws clipped regularly if they are an indoor cat, toys, a window to see out of with a view, and still plenty of your attention. Be sure your cat is still entertained and loved by you as you may have more things in your world but you are your cat's world.

4) Teach your child pet manners. Pets are not toys. Therefore, children do need to be taught things to do and not to do with cats. Most cats give plenty of warning signs before they strike; such as ears down, hissing, puffing of fur, or growling. Children should back away from the cat if they hear a warning sign. Also, they should treat the cat with respect as a member of their household and not hurt the cat in anyway.

5) Make them apart of each other's worlds. When you bring the baby home put him/her on the floor and let your cat sniff and smell the baby so they can see what this is that was brought home. Teach your child to pet or love your cat. Have them take a responsibility in feeding or brushing your cat. Show them how to properly play with your cat. You will be amazed at the bond they can form and what an amazing pet a cat really is!

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