Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Is A Blog

   Some of you who read this know what a blog is. Some of you read this because you know me, Xavier or Nick or we somehow told to you please read this. I decided although this blog is about raising a family and being a stay at home mom.  I wanted to set the record straight on some blog tips for those of you who are new and just starting to peruse the blog world.
   A blog is very similar to a magazine or newspaper that you get online. There is no set time as to how often a blogger has to post. However, it is recommended that to be a successful blogger you post regularly. If you notice I post everyday except weekends and holidays. There are many different types of blogs.
   For instance there are blogs on many different subjects, parenting, cooking, political, travel, geek/tech, video game, book, photography just to name a few. You can find blogs in many different subjects and you will notice the successful ones post pretty regularly.
   You can join sites like blogger, Word Press, Tumblr and many others to either just have a running log of blogs you follow or to even start your own blog. You can start your blog for many reasons, you may like to write and feel you have something to share with the world, or you may even just have a lot of family and friends on the internet that want to know what is going on with you and your blog is just for your updates. Some bloggers, use their real names, addresses and some use nick names, especially when it comes to children. Nick and I have both been in the public eye somewhat in our life and we are okay with putting Xavier on the web for now when he gets older we figure it will be his choice.
   Blogs are one of the biggest, booming trends right now. Brands and products are trying to get bloggers to review them and let them advertise on their pages, because they believe that people who read blogs trust the bloggers and their opinions. As a blogger myself I find that that is pretty true. I tend to buy things based on other bloggers recommendations as well. Sure many of us get the free item and even sometimes money or giftcard or coupon as well, but they never tell us what we are allowed to write. I can say for me, I get lots of offers to try out things and write about them, but I am very picky. I did not start this blog for the purpose of making money. I write it for the simple joy of writing and in hopes that I am helping someone out there who is reading it.
   I occasionally do the sponsor and try out the new things. First of all I think it is stuff my readers should know about. I have never written about something we do not regularly use or like plus it makes blogging more fun for us and it lets me be able to do it more often.
    A good thing to know is that blogs survive on social media. If you like a blog, like their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the pages they have. Subscribe to their blog through email or their service such as blogger. Vote for them on the pages they ask. That is how blogs are measured to be able to be sponsored. It really takes so little from the public. However, in order for me to get a product to be able to review I have to apply and they ask, how many people subscribe to each social media, how many people visit my blog daily and things like that. It is important in the blogging world. So if you love a blog and read it everyday  please do what you can to support it. "Like" it on other media it has, spread it around to your friends. It will help the blogger you like and you will find they are able to write about more and more new things.
    I hope this just offers a few insights into the blogging world. It is not a subject that I would normally write about as I am not much of a self promoter but I think in this day and age it is time people realize just how important blogs are and how you can help the ones you like to read.

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